Anyone who has gone through the process of straightening their smile through braces can attest to the fact that getting braces is not necessarily the most enjoyable process. Getting braces put on your teeth, keeping them clean, dealing with occasional pain from shifting teeth, scheduling regular checkups, etc. can be a hassle for most people.

The benefit of getting braces and taking proper care of them is well worth the hassle, though.

Regardless of whether or not you have braces for 6 months or 3 years when the braces are removed and you can rock your new smile, you will be thankful that you took the time and effort to care for your Auburn braces properly.

To help Auburn and Opelika residents better practice braces care, we have compiled a shortlist of basic braces care that can improve your experience with braces and the overall result of your orthodontic treatment with Sprayberry Orthodontics in Auburn, AL.

Keep Your Braces Clean

This tip is foundational to orthodontic care and dental health more broadly. Though this tip is obvious to many, it is worth emphasizing because it is such an important factor in the success of orthodontic treatment with braces in Auburn.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Having braces on your teeth poses obstacles to effective brushing and flossing Auburn. For one, those with braces must intentionally brush above, below, and in between brackets and wires. If done correctly, this will add a fair amount of time to brushing your teeth. So, don’t be too anxious to finish brushing. Take your time and ensure that the entire surface around your braces is clean before finishing.

Because braces have wires connecting the brackets–and sometimes “power chain” rubber bands that are linked to pull teeth closer together–flossing with your typical floss is nearly impossible. Using floss threaders, you can push floss under braces wires, and Rubber Bands Auburn to then floss between your teeth. Though this is an additional step to flossing that may discourage many from doing it, your experience with braces both during and after treatment will be better.

Avoid Eating Hard-to-clean Foods

Many candies that contain caramel or toffee are difficult to clean from a mouth with braces since they so easily get lodged into difficult-to-reach pockets and may not dissolve or dislodge for days, even weeks, after eating the candy.

Most nuts are also usually a difficult food for individuals with braces to clean because pieces can get lodged in crevices and do not dissolve well.

While a total exclusion of these foods from your diet is not necessary, seriously limiting these types of foods while you have braces will help you keep your teeth clean.

See Sprayberry Orthodontics’ list of foods to avoid with braces.

Contact Your Auburn Orthodontist If Something Breaks

It is not uncommon for people with braces to have a wire break, a rubber band pop off, spacers to become dislodged, etc. So, if your braces break and you are not seriously injured or in danger of serious injury, then you should not be too alarmed. You should, however, call your orthodontist as soon as possible.

Though you may not always feel your Auburn braces actively moving your teeth to achieve your desired smile, they are. When a part of your braces is disconnected, that means that your smile is not being corrected in the way that your orthodontist intends. The sooner you contact your orthodontist and he or she can correct the problem, the better.

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Dr. Sprayberry of Sprayberry Orthodontics has been helping Auburn and Opelika residents achieve their dream smile for years. He and his team have the orthodontic knowledge and experience necessary to help you do the same.

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